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This past weekend I spent a bit of time in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I had never been in the Jersey Shore area before & I love going to places i’ve never been, even if it’s just a state or two away. My lovely boyfriend and I took a mini road trip and we spent a few hours exploring.

I must have said at least fifty times, “This is so cute!” I’m not exaggerating…so many things about the town was adorable wether it was the art, retro shops, or old buildings. There was a group of stores that were right up our alley & we wanted to go in so bad, but it was around five so they were closed. Big bummer, but we plan on going back. A lot of signage was really beautifully designed & I was totally geeking out. The area had this whole run-down vintage feel, which i’m kind of a sucker for.

The boardwalk was where all of NJ came together


Have a Seat on the Boardwalk

JS Roller Derby


It was a bit windy and cloudy out but thankfully gorgeous out. We found this cute and delicious pizza place/bakery before heading back to Long Island. ♥

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