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Phew! I’ve been slowly coding this new layout in between freelance projects & putting together my new Etsy shop. I’m super satisfied that it has the feel I was going for, I’ve been craving a look that was a better representation of my design work. I spent quite some time gathering inspiration of what I wanted to achieve–clean and organized, subtly vintage-esque, professional but unique. I wanted it to be easier to tell what the blog was about.

While gathering inspiration, strangely, almost everything I had saved & pinned featured the color orange [I don’t even own anything orange?!] I ended up trying a tangerine shaded orange and that’s when it started to all come together. It feels slightly summery too, which I like. [Are you tired of hearing me talk about summer yet?]

Some changes are a new about & design services page, search feature, footer, better organized categories and tags, and social media buttons. Just wanted to pop in and give an update of the new look and to say thanks for following along!

P.S.– I don’t know how I managed to steer clear of pulling my hair out before using this WordPress plugin.

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