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Hey all! I thought i’d show a peek of my new place. I’m renting a house with a couple pals, including my boyfriend, 2 dogs, and a cat. In a perfect world i’d be living in a small city but i’m residing in a town that’s known for being the first suburb of America. After almost moving to Astoria, Queens I decided it would be better to keep things simple and stay closer to my family, work, practice, etc. on the island. I am a lot closer to the city than I was previously, though. [hello 50 minute train ride!] I am also pretty stoked about living across the street from an italian ice place.

Finally located a 50’s style kitchen table at a local antique shop. Cleaning this baby wasn’t easy but totally worth it.

That ‘home’ sign is mine that I picked up at Goodwill– It’s from graphic designer Dana Tanamachi’s art collection that was for sale at Target. Love it.

Getting used to living with some furry friends. This is Leeloo.

There are definitely a lot of quirks with our little house but there’s also some really neat things. Skylights & Brick = swoon.

NYC photo calendar from Whimsy & Spice. P.s: I’m totally not a fan of these bulletin board squares–they keep falling down!

My bedroom is the oddest but also probably the loveliest room in the house– i’ll be sharing a little tour of that soon once my workplace is more set up :]

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  • Sonya says:

    My bulletin board squares would fall down all the time too! Definitely not the best investment I made.

    I’m loving that kitchen, though, especially the table. And it looks like the whole place has a lot of adorable details going on. Very nice!

    • Amie says:

      Since then I’ve used e600 glue on top of the mounting squares and so far they’ve stayed put! :D

      The openness of the kitchen is my favorite. Thanks sonya!

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