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I hate to admit it, but Urban Outfitters has some pretty neat things. Their clothes are a different story…i’m talking about their apartment & home stuff. I’m usually not one to shop there…the clothes are terribly overpriced and not well made. Also, it always bothers me when a store tries to push the whole “DIY” thing, trying to make it trendy while their products are mass produced in sweatshops (same thing with the new “green” trend). Anyway, with my dislike for their clothes aside, i was browsing the site for inspiration since my room has recently been painted and i need some decorating ideas. I found some cool things and got some good inspiration, here’s some of it:

I love how funky and colorful this is. It’s not too often you see unique picture frames…i want to try and make one.

Record frames…yeah, a lot of stores sell them. I think these are great, i’m going to hang my small collection in my bedroom. My dad & I are planning on making some of our own…I personally wouldn’t spend $15-$20 for one of them when you could easily make some.

Looking at these really made me wanna silkscreen some pillows.

and here’s what i (gasp) bought:

I’ve never seen anything like this before..it’s like a photo album for your wall…haha. I had to have it.

& unrelated to room decoration..but i totally got suckered in and also bought these awesome vintage-style headphones:

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  • Meaghan says:

    I saw those magazine/newspaper rolled picture frames at my craft store a week ago. They also had circular trash cans and baskets made with handles. They were pretty cool, but I wasn’t about to pay for them when I could just paper maché them together myself (and have a lot more fun).

    Great finds! I love that wall photo album thing :] It’d be a good projec to try and make

    – zipzipp (from Threadbanger)

  • AwayFromTheLight says:

    There’s a book called “The Big Ass Book of Crafts” that shows you how to make stuff with magazines…I picked it up at the library.

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