Throwback Thursday // My First College Design Class & a Zine


I was cleaning under my desk and found something i’ve been saving since college. In my very first design class freshman year called ‘Design Research and Methods’ we had a assignment of making a page for a class zine. (7 years ago!)

I remember my (quite rad) professor telling us about the project and when she said the word ‘zine’ I nearly flipped. I was one of few classmates to raise my hand when asked if we’ve heard of one before.

The assignment was to make a page spread based on a creativity technique. It was fun to sit down and read through the zine now, remembering the beginning of what would turn into a career and revisiting incredibly useful steps of the creative process. Methods like ‘Mind Mapping’, ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Think Tank’, paired with a bunch of great compositions. It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of the basics sometimes so it was nice to take a little step back.

My spread was ‘Brainstorming’. This particular class was by far my favorite and the most useful. This was when I also had my work critiqued for the first time. I remember taping projects to the wall and thinking what I put together was pretty good then learning it was rubbish :)

I also remembered that 3 of my best friends in college (and still now) were in that class with me–pretty cool, huh?

Have you shared any very early projects from school? Any fun memories of when you were starting out?

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