The Bronx Zoo


Back in July after I started my (not so) new job Matt took me to the Bronx Zoo. As a New Yorker who had never been to the best zoo in the state that very much had to change. Well, to clarify, I had been there but I was very small and didn’t even know I had gone until I asked my mom about it.



Gorillas are cool.

What was the best part? THE PEACOCKS JUST WALKING AROUND LIKE PEOPLE. I couldn’t even deal. They’re my favorite, if you couldn’t tell. The other highlight was the Emperor Tamarin monkeys –before the zoo visit we were geeking out over how cute they are and that they have moustaches. We like to call them ‘little mens.’ I didn’t get a good shot of them unfortunately!

Peacock Friend

Also got to see my second favorite animal, giraffes! Look at this guy trying to play hide and seek or something.


I was hesitant to go into the butterfly house (I find them terrifying) But I braved it.


What’s your favorite animal?

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