Switching up the routine: 5 Life Streamlining Apps

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When i’m in a rut both creatively and productively I like to change things up, like a lot of people. One of the ways I do that is by revisiting my daily routine and the tools I use and figure out how to shake it up. These are some of the apps I use daily to make life a little easier. Let me know your must-haves– i’d love to hear!

Sunrise Calendar

I’ve been using Sunrise for about a year now on my phone and it’s fantastic. Really beautifully designed app for Google Calendar. It also allows you to sync with Facebook to show events you have on there, along with connecting to various other accounts as well so everything is in one place. I’m personally really bad at remembering to reply to anything in Facebook so this has really helped!

Simple Banking

Simple is another beautifully designed app, this one is an online bank. I dig that it gives you the option to have mobile notifications as soon as you buy something. I was previously using a website to manage my finances, but I was looking for something more user-friendly that was also on my iphone. Simple solves that problem, automatically putting purchases in categories so you can easily manage your budget. Also, their white debit card is a total conversation starter!


I switched from using the Gmail app on my phone to Mailbox. The coolest part of this app aside from the swipe gestures, is the ability to ‘boomerang’ emails of your choosing back to you at a later date. This has really changed my workflow. I find that when I can snooze emails I don’t want at the moment it’s not ‘putting it off’ like you would think– Instead I can focus on clearing out my inbox without getting overloaded.


I just started using Flux a couple weeks ago and my eyes are very thankful! It adjusts your screen depending on the time of the day– the colors are displayed warmer after the sun goes down to match indoor lighting. As someone who spends most of their weekday in front of screens I can already notice a difference.


Clipmenu is a clipboard manager (just for the Mac OS, but there are similar apps out there) that allows you to access your clipboard history by a keyboard shortcut. It’s awesome that you can also save snippets of things you find yourself copying & pasting a ton.

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