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Bullet Journal Adventures: What I’ve Learned

Bullet journaling – also called dot journaling, or abbreviated as BuJos – is one of those hyped up things you’ve probably seen around the internet and blogs. I’m happy to report for me personally, since adopting this as my daily planner it has lived up to the hype and i’ve felt immensely more organized and […]


Back to Blogging

Hello internet! I let my domain name expire awhile back and let this space go along with it. Recently though, I had the urge and inspiration to start blogging again. I know blogging isn’t the same as it was – a couple years ago when there was a big ‘boom’. Is blogging dying? Should I […]


The Sunshine Experiment & Autumn

Taking advantage of the fact that it’s technically winter here in New York but still feels like Autumn. A preserve out east I took a walk around with my dad and uncle. I didn’t notice this until recently that I’m a huge fan of changing up my routine based on the seasons. In autumn/winter that […]