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Last weekend I went on a little getaway with my family. I call it a getaway because the fifteen minute ferry you have to take to get to Fire Island leaves from my town…so really we didn’t go very far. I haven’t been there since I was maybe twelve years old..I have this vivid memory of my brother and I playing with these other kids our age & playing with frogs and other bugs [HA]. That’s all I remember really.

wavy fence

Fire Island is an island that’s part of Long Island, and the area we were at is called Davis Park. In Davis are lots of beach houses, one bar, a post office, fire station, and one small grocery store…that’s it. Our house was a one minute walk to the beach, so that was pretty sweet. The best best part of living on Long Island are the beaches.

Keep off the dunes

This photo is a good representation of basically every night we were there:


Music. Family. Friends. I loved how people kept walking by our house and stopped to listen to the music. When we noticed, we invited them in & one night started with about 8 of us and ended with around 20 people!

forgotten pail

Are there many beaches where you live/grew up?

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