October recap // fall cleaning, apples galore, & costumes


Things are slowing down on my end and i’m loving it–let’s just forget that it got dark at 5:00 today. I promised myself that I would totally enjoy the awesomeness that is (was) October…here’s what i’ve been doing!

sunkissed apples

apple picking truck

fallen fruit

Apple picking in New Paltz NY, followed by the Headless Horseman haunted hayride! I was starting to get kind of frustrated that my photos don’t look as crisp as I feel they should be, but i’m super happy with these. Hmmm.

baked apples

Cheat ‘baked’ apples in the microwave. Oops.

Halloween instax

Last weekend was a rad Halloween party hosted by my roller derby league. The boy and I showed up dressed as old school bank robbers. (may or may not have gotten the idea from this post) ;) This is now one of my all time favorite costumes. Two of my dear friends dressed up as Lucy & Ricky made me all kinds of happy.

minimalist bikini kill

Time for fall cleaning!

I had posters from old ska/punk shows up for as long as my walls have been lime green (a while) so a much needed change was in order. Lots of time at home means my space is now super duper cleaned out. I needed something minimalist for the wall to balance all of patterns I have going on. When I saw these prints on Fab I knew this one of my favorite band would be perfect. I bought a cheap frame which will be replaced with a nice one eventually :P

Things that made me smile lately:

Getting to my goal weight . lunch break adventures . my mom generously getting me a WIFI connection for my laptop to use on the train . Dunkin’ Donuts hot apple cider . Adventure Time . free time during the day . making a lot of progress on my scarf

What have you been up to?

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