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I came across this agency’s site which has a brilliant team page featuring a unique visual of each team member’s essentials. I couldn’t help but ponder over what couple things I would choose for my own essentials in life. Here’s what I picked!

– Dot Grid notebook by Behance
– Macbook
– Rollerskates
– Black coffee
– Sewing supplies
– Canon Rebel DSLR

Notice how the colors match? Totally not planned! Looking over it now the only adjustment I would make is to add a guitar cable :)

Do we have any similar essentials? Are yours similar to any on the awesome team page I linked above?

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  • Felicia says:

    I love the skates and that it is an essential for you.

    Mine would be:

    ~sketch journal
    ~micro pens/lead pencils
    ~chrome book
    ~My DLSR camera/battery/charger
    ~good pair of flip flops
    ~filtered water in my favorite water cup

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