Knights in shining armor


A couple weekends ago, a big group of us headed to New Jersey to a magical place called Medieval times. I couldn’t get many good photos because of the lack of lighting…but whenever something really exciting was happening they turned the lights up & I would rush to grab my camera! After a while I gave up on the photography opportunity and just watched the show.

Medieval times king

I loved the colored lights separating the sections.


Medieval times knights

The knight on the far right is the Green night..which we got to root for. He’s the best looking one, am I right? ;) Afterwords we goofed around and took some pictures with him.

Medieval times food

They were serving dinner throughout the show, this is the vegetarian option. Also there was super yummy tomato soup..I don’t even like tomato soup but it was excellent. We were laughing about the whole onion on the kebab!

The best part was when each knight was throwing flowers into the stands of their section..they would throw three flowers then one large one. He gave the big flower to me and I totally swooned :]

The trip to medieval times was pretty much the last of my summer adventures..and a great way to end it ♥ What did you do to say farewell to the season?

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