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Hola! I finally have more photos to share from my week in California. This was the first time i’ve been to the west coast, so I was super stoked. Plus, I got to cross ‘visit a new state’ off my list! When spring break came up, the boyfriend & I wanted to go somewhere new. This was also the first time I went on a vacation without a plan in mind, and I loved that. All we knew was that we wanted to see a couple friends, eat good food, take lots of pictures, and [like a typical tourist]..see Hollywood. Our housing plans fell through unfortunately, but that made it that much more of an adventure. I wish we just bought backpacks with us instead of one giant suitcase! I’ll remember that for next time though.


surf ranch



santa monica

sidewalk market



snow white


The weather was not in our favor, but we made the best of wearing hoodies every day. You can see in a couple picture how cloudy the sky was! I had to Photoshop in a bit of blue sky to make it look less sad out :) We hung out in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Hollywood. All of the vegan food was eaten, and honestly I was a little bummed to go back home to NY and eat ‘normal’ food! heh.

The little vacation made me realize how dearly I want to change my environment. I’m not sure where to, but i’ll figure that out.

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  • alycia says:

    i freakin love this blog post title because it’s definitely me too :) but there’s no place like home! love the pics too.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    These are some great pictures! Glad you enjoyed the West Coast. We love it over here! ;) I definitely do want to go visit the East Coast someday – so much history over there!

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