Get Real: Roller Derby Makes the Tough Things Easier


One of my favorite things about roller derby aside from the fact that it’s totally, 100% DIY, is that it pushes me in other areas of my life. You get used to putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in every game, every scrimmage, even practices.

You’re up jamming against the best player on the team. You’re the only blocker on the track & you have to trust yourself. You’re being coached by one of your heroes. You can’t back out, your team needs you. You quickly learn that giving up is not an option.

Every skater is radically different–that one thing that comes easy to you might make another person want to go hide in the bathroom. You can’t hide; because your team is there to push you along. You overcome being uncomfortable. I’ve learned that even if you think you’re standing up for yourself in life, you could be even more. You learn that you’re stronger than you think.

Because derby poses many challenges each and every time you go out there on the track, it has taught me that tough things in life aren’t as daunting as they may seem. There’s been many times where my mind has played tricks on me saying things like ‘This isn’t my best skill, gosh, how will I get through this drill’ ‘I’m too tired, I don’t want to do this anymore‘ More times than I can count it ended up being not nearly as bad as I thought. Also, everyone has times when they’re thinking ‘I’m not feeling practice today, maybe i’ll stay home.’ Every time that has happened to me, I’ve ended up being incredibly thankful that I did go. You have a bad practice? you get over it. You get over things quickly in derby because it’s so fast moving. You don’t have time or energy to dwell on things or hold grudges. In roller derby you have to suck it up, kick ass, and move on. ♥

Do you have a hobby that pushes you more than others? What keeps you strong?

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