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I’ve gotten very much into podcasts over the last year or so. It’s the best to listen to them in the car and when doing monotonous things like laundry (ew). My drive to work is a bit lengthy so instead of listening to the same songs over and over again I can learn and gain insight & they also get me pumped for the day ahead.

Most of the podcasts I listen to are design industry related—wanted to share them!

Happy Monday: I might have mentioned this one before and if so it deserves a second mention anyway. Short & sweet super inspiring interviews with designers and developers. Every so often there’s an episode featuring just the hosts which is great. Plus, I really like how they always mention a new app or website.

Adventures in Design: This podcast is both hilarious and totally useful. The hosts have strong personalities and are not afraid to be honest. Stories, rants, interviews, and i’ve legitimately learned a lot about life in general from this podcast. Definitely my favorite to listen to while working.

Seanwes Podcast: This one has a lot of awesome business advice. It discusses hand lettering frequently but process techniques are easily translatable to other creative careers. So much valuable information packed into each episode, and I love the emphasis on professionalism.

Life and Limb: Really engaging and down-to-earth interviews with a wide range of creatives. The narration before each show and during the interviews is fantastic. Always puts me in a good mood. Also, how could you not love something with Fugazi as the theme song?

Web Agency Podcast: The freelance design & business advice really catches my attention. Taking about web design can sometimes lack pizazz but this podcast does it differently. Lots of fun.

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