Coffee shops & Busyness


This past week/weekend i’ve been staying in a different neighborhood pet sitting. It happens to be near a rather rad coffee shop called The Cup.

Fun fact–the boyfriend and I accidentally went on our first date here two summers ago. So I guess it shares a special gushy place in my heart.

I enjoy this place because frankly, there’s nothing like it around. An expansive tea menu, vegan eats, games, music. Last week was pretty stressful, so i’m winding down with some tea, spicy fries, and taking a bit of a break from the blog.

Where do you go to relax?

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  • kallie says:

    This place looks amazing! I love these kinda restaurants.
    Stopping by from the Collective Blog Hop! New follower now, too!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  • Alyson from Starting Over @ The Dirty 30 says:

    This place looks amazing! I love rediscovering hidden gems that have such meaning:) Hope you enjoyed your time of relaxation!

  • Kate says:

    I just moved to a new city so I’m currently looking for a good place to chill out. I love coffee shops and Toronto has a ton of them so my fingers are crossed that I find a good pit stop!

  • Sammy says:

    This place definitely looks amazing, I don’t know of any places like that around here in Pawtucket, but I’ll have to venture out one day with the boyfriend and find out (I just moved out here with him, from Mass, and I still don’t know what kind of nooks and cranny shops are lurking around). The Cup looks super relaxing, though. Totally can picture myself kicking back there with a (preferably new, lol) laptop and a cup of hot tea :)

    As for me and relaxation? I honestly come back home from a busy day elsewhere and hang around here. Or, my boyfriend and I will venture out to our favorite spot by the beach (usually Narragansett or Newport, RI) and relax out there.

    (Found your blog on the North East Bloggers list!)

  • janika says:

    This place looks amazing dear.

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