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what i wore eight twenty-one.

Haven’t done one of these in awhile. This is how i chose to dress myself today. t-shirt: ebay shorts: old levis jeans cut up into shorts. really need to throw these out; so many holes and falling apart but they’re my fav shorts! tights: urban outfitters + black flats I had a pretty darn busy […]

everything else

forty three things

i’m the kind of person who needs to make to-do lists, and generally write things down to get them done. this is why i’m a big fan of i just crossed some more things off my list of life goals, and oh it’s a good feeling. here’s what i’ve done recently: ♥ go ice […]

everything else

daiya love

No, this is not just a grilled cheese sandwich. it’s a grilled cheese sandwich with vegan cheese that ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD. Daiya cheese, to be exact. I’m ecstatic.