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Model Time

Last week, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to model for some photographs. He started getting serious about photography this past year, and is doing work for a portfolio. One of his friends has a whole set up at his house with professional equipment–so I went over there & we had […]

everything else

My only three pictures

Betcha can’t guess where I was! -Warped tour kick-off party on friday, then driving to Connecticut for the weekend. I talk about going to CT quite boyfriend goes to school/lives there and I lived there for awhile. Foxon Park is the best local drink anywhere. better, less vague blog posts later. ♥ Amie

everything else

(a small chunk of) my christmas in pictures.

these are the lights on our christmas tree. made a DIY star-shaped lens cover for my camera. more photo experimenting no holiday is complete without baking..obviously. my family and i lounged around after ripping open all the gifts in no time. Mikey had no idea i took this picture..oops! :]