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T-shirt Patchwork Pillow // +tutorial

I realized that over the years I’ve aquired lots of shirts from Threadless. I found myself not wearing them–for some reason graphic tees don’t really leave my closet. I really like the designs on my old shirts, so I wanted to put them to good use & decided on making some pillows! Pick out a […]

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handmade cards & gift wrapping

This year I designed my own simple holiday cards..I wanted to share :) These I made for my brother and parents. I wanted my brother’s to say ‘Happy Christmas’ because of this song by John Lennon we play on guitar together every year. He and my dad gave me a good idea for next years […]

do it yourself

collage card DIY

Taking a break from slightly stressing out about Christmas gifts, I made my soon to be twelve year old cousin a birthday card. I love making collages and it’s something I want to get better at, so I gathered up some supplies and made a simple one. Plus, I don’t make nearly enough handmade cards […]

do it yourself

she’s crafty [and she’s just my type]

Been working on a print illustration…typography style. Feels good to sketch things out instead of instinctively firing up Photoshop! One of the best parts of the weather being gorgeous and summer-y is being able to make my messes outside. Dyed some clothes I wouldn’t otherwise wear. Believe it or not, I used good ol’ black […]

do it yourself

craft: comics newspaper box

You know those storage boxes you buy at craft stores and whatnot? I can never find any in colors/patterns that I like, yuck! So I bought one with an american flag pattern, and gave it a much needed makeover. All you need to do is cut out strips/pieces of newspaper or photos & attack it […]