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Favorite Creative Podcasts

I’ve gotten very much into podcasts over the last year or so. It’s the best to listen to them in the car and when doing monotonous things like laundry (ew). My drive to work is a bit lengthy so instead of listening to the same songs over and over again I can learn and gain […]


Thrifty Style: Green & Girly + a self design rut

Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been almost a month since I posted okay? OK! I’ve been working on a re-design of this space and my personal identity in general, and the ah-ha! moment has yet to happen. Frankly that has left me feeling less than inspired to post. Although, I DID re-design My Portfolio site— […]


The Hunt For Vintage Glasses

I pretty much dislike every pair of eyeglasses i’ve had. Each time I get a new pair i’ll think…this is it, these are the ones! But really i’m just settling on whatever Costco or Zenni Optical has as a selection. During my last glasses adventure, I was excited to find a pair by Betsey Johnson. […]


Room Tour: Desk space & new shelves

I recently finally did a much needed organization overhaul…& I wanted to share what my current space looks like! Here’s my desk area, my favorite spot in the room. » Stop waiting for things to happen: Daily inspiration smack dab in the middle. Found somewhere on the internet-if anyone knows the source, please let me […]


making the ‘ugly shirt’ work // what I wore

So I have this vintage shirt that I bought, that I deemed ‘the ugly shirt’ because I couldn’t seem to make it work with anything. While watching the new show Girls on HBO, an outfit Lena Dunham’s character was wearing made me think about my shirt! I won’t talk about my thoughts on the show […]