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Hello internet! I let my domain name expire awhile back and let this space go along with it. Recently though, I had the urge and inspiration to start blogging again. I know blogging isn’t the same as it was – a couple years ago when there was a big ‘boom’. Is blogging dying? Should I be putting all of my efforts into Instagram? Maybe, but – I found myself missing a lot of aspects of it. I feel like I still have a lot to say on the topic of navigating life as a multi-passionate creative. I’m still figuring things out of course but I feel myself getting closer to zero-ing in on my purpose, and i’d like to have a space to express that again.

I’m doing more of what I want to do these days – and right now I want to write and share. So, I brought my blog back from the dead and it’s new home is over here at

Some of what i’ve been up to recently:

• Trying my luck at having a t-shirt design up on Cotton Bureau. With one day left!

• I did an interview with Femke from the Design Life podcast on how to overcome lack of confidence as a designer/developer

• Currently working on (2!) side projects that will feature creative spaces

• Growing my little Etsy shop

• Learning Shopify web development

• Creating a Skillshare class on how to design an event flyer, for beginners

More to come soon – Cheers <3

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  • lisa says:

    I agree with all the points you have shared in above post. now I really know that how to chose best host ? thank you for sharing this amazing registration

  • lisa says:

    Since I average about one post a week I think you know I’m on board with breaking the rules. I would like to write more, but I feel like I’ve already said it all. I am hopeful that going to Blissdom will give me a fresh approach. Of course, I still won’t ever have a theme or topic and I will probably still not post regularly. It is a conference, not a brain replacement.seo

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