An Update



Hey Everyone! Wanted to pop in and say that I’m not abandoning this blog. Spring came and I found myself taking an accidental break from blogging. I was feeling a bit unmotivated & overwhelmed and felt it would be better to take some time away from this space instead of putting half-assed stuff out there.

I have spent the summer so far working on myself, planning & going on a bunch of short trips, and just doing less. Narrowing down on what’s important to me. I’m working smarter these days. Lately my priorities have shifted from constantly keeping busy to chilling out and enjoying the company i’m with.

I also developed & put up a responsive version of Completely Unfinished. I’m been doing responsive websites for awhile now and i’m glad it’s no longer bugging me to look at my blog. The visual design is pretty similar (I still really like it) – but with totally updated code and some UI improvements.

My August is getting pretty booked up! This weekend i’m making the trek to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland. First time flying by myself & first design conference i’m attending. Pretty stoked.

Hoping to be more consistent with this space real soon.

<3 Amie

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