adventures: fairfield & handmade & bike rides


when life gives you lemons

This weekend was totally wonderful.

Went on the best date filled with a bunch of my favorite things. lemonade & smoothies ♥ yummy new food ♥ crafts & handmade things ♥ offbeat coffee shops ♥ bike rides ♥ picnics by the beach

Catch A Healthy Habit

We walked around Fairfield (CT) which is an adorable little town. I tried raw food (from a restaurant) for the first time…it was yummy! Felt great to eat such a healthful meal-of avocado nachos, a ‘burrito’, lettuce shell taco, and veggie spring rolls. Although we totally ruined the healthy food vibe by making a massive vegan pizza for dinner!

buy me a vowel

fabric crafts diy

We stepped into here–Which was this magical place of DIY, sewing machines, craft classes, fabric/supplies and handmade everything. [basically what I want out of life] Seriously though, maybe it’s just where I live but i’ve never seen such a passionate crafty place, it was great. I was like a little nervous kid in a candy store. The boy and I are going to go back next time i’m in town and take a knitting class or something! Make and Mingle blog & Etsy shop.

And lastly, I got to take home the most rad gift ever…

bike love.

My beautiful new vintage bike! I absolutely adore it. I can’t wait to squeeze in a bike ride after work. It’s from before the ’70s, has all of the original parts, and a working light. Just need to get a lock so I can ride it to the store & such…and a bell! I’ve been itching for a new bike, but a new-old bike. I’m smitten, It’s perfect. ♥

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  • The raw smoothie place looks like somewhere I’d definitely love to be!

    Your photo of the scrabble board is perfect. Did you snap it?

  • Sonya says:

    Ohhh my gosh, that bike is lovely! My mom just brought my bike over yesterday and I can’t wait to stop being lazy and use it, even if it’s not as cute as yours. Hahah.
    Also, after seeing that Scrabble picture I asked my boyfriend if he wants to play, so we’ll be doing that tonight. :)

  • Amie says:

    @Joyful Sparrow: Yep, I took the photo while playing the game in a coffee shop. The raw place was awesome, i’m definitely going back.

    @Sonya: Having a cute bike definitely makes me want to ride more, heh. I actually forgot to mention that when my boyfriend and I played, we got the same exact score at the end..Crazy!

  • mongs says:

    I like your pictures, very lovely. The vintage bike is beautiful, the drinks look so refreshing I’m craving for one. The town looks quaint and pretty.


  • Castle Fashion says:

    Just found your blog and I’m so excited :D It’s adorable.


  • Yvonne says:

    I love the photo of the scrabble board!
    And such a sweet bike .. hope you enjoy every minute of it :)

  • This sounds like my kind of date day … complete with scrabble! :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  • chantilly says:

    so cute! i love the picture of the drinks next to each other!


  • Jenny says:

    You new vintage bike is an absolute dream! It looks like your weekend was filled with many wonderful adventures. I am sipping some lemonade right now! xx

  • Katie says:

    Oh my goodness, that bike is completely adorable! What an awesome present! That looks such a fun town. From your description, I probably could have spent days in that little fabric/DIY place! So, so cute :)

    I love your blog!

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