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one of three posters i made for a photography assignment–the goal of this one was to create a movie poster about our life using our photographs. I used a photo of my shoe stepping on some leaves, taken in a park.

So basically i came up with a whole story attached to the poster…(the initial idea came from my boyfriend, so much credit to him!)
So as you might be able to tell from the cover, the movie would of course be an indie movie. It would star a girl named Autumn…who is not looking forward to the fall season and school starting again. She loves the warm months and hates the colder ones. She is a talented photographer and artist and feels as if no one gives her enough credit, she feels ignored and not recognized for her talents. She is different than most of her friends and is not quite sure where she fits into this crazy world. Her friends and people around her don’t understand her art and ends up being betrayed by a lot of friends. Her whole life is crumbling around her….people who she thought she knew changing, her lack of inspiration…then something drastic happens to change her luck around.

maybe in the future ill write out a movie script for it just for kicks….hehe

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