8 Websites for Graphic & Web Design Inspiration

Okay, okay, this is a photo of books– but this list is about places to find graphic & web design inspiration around the web. I left out some popular ones like Pinterest, Behance & Designspiration. Don’t forget to avoid overloading yourself with inspiration on the internet and enjoy frequent real-life sunshine and visuals.

Threadless.com Scoring
I frequently find myself browsing the gallery of submissions on popular t-shirt site Threadless. Downside is you do run into a few duds since everything is user submitted, but it’s still a great resource for graphic design & illustration.

Even if you don’t have a Dribbble account, you can browse the site! You see nothing but top talent on here. I especially love the color filter.

Mailchimp Templates
Mailchimp’s gallery of email designs is not just to get inspiration for making an email blast–Check it out when you just simply must look at beautiful things to kickstart your next web project.

This site is so great. With a focus on typography, Typewolf showcases inspiration from around the web and tells you what fonts are being used!

Inspiration Time
Inspiration Time is one of my favorite sites that feature solely web design. Browse by color, style, industry, and elements–very useful.

Niice is new to me, and an absolute necessity. The site is unique because it pulls images from Dribbbble, Designspiration, Behance, and more. I like how there is next to no whitespace, and the search bar rules.

Graphic Design & Tattoos
A Tumblr blog filled with–you guessed it, graphic design & tattoos. Nothing more to say about it other than if you’re a designer and tattoo lover, you should be adding this to your daily reads. Just be careful viewing it at the office!

Browsing GigPosters makes me wish I was an illustrator. Browse by band or designer, or just the latest. Even if you’re not into music (is that even possible?) there’s so much gorgeous art to be seen here.

What would you add to this list? I’d love to know your favorite sites!

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