2014 Highlights


I have in my head a couple concrete focuses for the new year — but first, I wanted to share some things that stuck out this past year.


Went on a roadtrip on my birthday to Pennsylvania… mostly for a film screening of a documentary on one of my favorite bands, the Descendents. Made lots of stops along the way!


In March I moved into the house I share with a couple of rad and super talented people.


Finally got the bike tires fixed on my vintage bike and spent a lot of hours on biking adventures. Next year there will be even more!


Roommate brunch feasts & walks to italian ice.


Got better at roller derby and even had a couple of MVP worthy games.


Spent the very tail end of the summer upstate at a lake house.


Had my one year anniversary at the web design agency where I work. Got to work on a bunch of cool projects. That’s the Mailchimp monkey for those who are unfamiliar.


Put more effort into my halloween costume than I had in a couple years. Went to 2 parties on the 1st. Can you guess who I was?


Took advantage of where I live and drove out to Brooklyn more. Awesome food, sweet shows, and craft fairs.


Had a mini family reunion Thanksgiving weekend and stayed out east at my parent’s house for a couple days.


Talked my mom into spending a day in Manhattan with me shopping. She had been talking about visiting the flagship Macy’s around Christmas for a couple years and never made time for it! We had a blast.


A very sweet kitty got a forever home– with me!

Wishing everyone a happy January :)

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