Weekend love: tandem, exploring, & playing photographer


My parents have a tandem bike in their garage, that’s been sadly hanging from the ceiling unused for years! My superhero of a boyfriend managed to somehow get it down. We took a little stroll down the back streets in fear of riding on the main road, heh. Needs a few adjustments, but other than that it was a smooth ride!

+ Coffee shops in Connecticut.


Friday night I took some photos of my little brother at a gig of his, home out East.


First outside gig of the year. Needed some recent photos to use for some new business cards. After resisting some free margaritas, we headed to Connecticut for the rest of the weekend to get up early the next day and help some friends move.

Monday morning–Exploring new places is my favorite. Even if it’s as small as a coffee shop I haven’t been to. Especially lately–I just want to see everything I can. Partially because I’ve been subtly looking for possible places to move to :)

Bridgeport sunset

Very minimal editing. Heading back to Long Island via ferry, had to snap a shot of this! Other highlights included: lengthy vegan breakfast menus . matt’s new pet shrimp . good zombie movies . thinking about the future

This weekend totally made up for last weekend– Going into NYC on the coldest & rainiest day, and not having our plans work out. It all evens out, right?

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