Thrifty Style: Green & Girly + a self design rut


Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been almost a month since I posted okay? OK!

thrift may 1st

I’ve been working on a re-design of this space and my personal identity in general, and the ah-ha! moment has yet to happen. Frankly that has left me feeling less than inspired to post. Although, I DID re-design My Portfolio site— I always have an easier time with that than the blog. Anyone else have that problem?

I’m going to try the opposite approach now of pushing through and creating content instead of waiting for the design lightbulb to turn on!

I don’t think i’ve mentioned this but I have been unemployed of a normal full time job since the end of February. Since then, I’ve been luckily up to my eyeballs in freelance work, traveling, playing in roller derby games almost every weekend, and last but not least..thrifting during the day!

One of my favorite shops is a bike ride-able distance from where I live, and is only open early during the day from Tuesdays-Saturday. (I just realized they’re open Saturdays mornings instead of just during the week like I thought!) Now that i’ve been around during the day I get overly excited for ample thrifting time.

I tweeted about the fact that I broke my rule about not buying anymore house ware stuff until I moved–Oops. I just couldn’t say no to a Powerpuff girls plate and vintage mushrooms :)

Here’s the haul I got from the Bellport Methodist Thrift Shop and the local Savers to kick off May. (Long Island, NY)

thrifted books

Honestly I just bought the first book because it had ‘vegan’ in the title.

bow shirt

I will forever love the Powerpuff girls. Buttercup for the win! Sweater shirt is from Forever21.

kwik kover

Okay this is REALLY cool. Vintage mushroom patterned adhesive backing– daydreaming about putting this on top of some stools. Or ya know, everything.

60s cups

Coffee tin was kind of a splurge since it didn’t come in a set. Awesome set of ceramic mugs from the 60s.

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  • Balkizz says:

    OMG I SUPER LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am so gonna add you in my blog list to follow! Love the layout, design, photos and easy to read content!

  • April Durham says:

    I just re-designed my site, and went with a super minimalist theme. I’m usually a fan of minimalist themes with unique touches here and there…but as a designer I know I’d just end up changing it! LOL! So for now, I just focused on the header and might do some more with the layout itself later.

    I love your font size too…so many people make it ENORMOUS lately…not a fan.

    Also…I wish I could thrift like you! I’d see a mushroom adhesive backing and be like…”WTF”…. But maybe that’s why I need to thrift more…

    • Amie says:

      LOVE your site April– it’s gorgeous!! Agreed, I’ve been definitely feeling minimalism lately. I’m trying to get the tricky balance of something simple but not too simple that stands out & shows my coding skills. I’ll get there! I really like the idea of starting with the header and building up the rest of layout :]

      I used to be a not so great thrifter! hah. I would buy almost everything that I liked, just because it was cheap. Now I have a rule that if I don’t know exactly what i’m going to use it for & if I don’t need it regardless of the price I don’t buy it :]

  • MARTIN says:

    I just found your blog on 20SB and I love it. You now have a new follower! I love those 60s mugs in that last photo. Green is the best colour!

    • Amie says:

      I was so stoked to find so many green things– my walls are painted bright green, I just can’t get enough of it. Totally will be following along with your blog! Love it as well & the fact that you write zines!

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