Stenciled Shirt DIY for V-day

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lookin' fine kim pine

This is a bit of a late Valentine’s post, but this is what I made for my boy for love day. I finally got to give it to him, and here he is hamming it up for the camera [more like, me asking him to.]

I used to stencil a lot on t-shirts, it was the first craft I got really in to. I made him a Scott Pilgrim shirt with his favorite character, Kim Pine. I chose a frame featuring her from the comic book and enlarged it in Photoshop. Freezer paper is awesome! You just feed the paper into your printer, cut out the design, and iron it on a shirt.

White is a hard color to work with–you have to do a couple layers of the paint to get it to really show up. It took awhile to cut out the stencil, but it came out great! Worth it.
Did you make something for Valentine’s Day? ♥

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