St. Mark’s Place


St. Mark's Place

My favorite area in all of Manhattan–The East Village & more specifically the street St. Mark’s Place. The lovely little homey counter-culture hub. I feel very lucky that I happen to work just a short walking distance away.

St. Mark’s is absent of a lot of things you think of when commercial Manhattan comes to mind. No big chain stores, no fancy restaurants, etc. They just recently put a new 7-11 on the street, and people aren’t too happy about it. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Blue bike

Instead you will find small businesses, record stores, tattoos, piercings, & tons of character (just some of my favorites)

St. Mark's Bookshop

On my way to St. Mark’s, sometimes I stop at the bookshop on 3rd ave. I was excited to find they carry local zines! I stopped in right after New Year’s and saw that they also had the planner i’ve been using for the past couple years. It’s great to be able to pick it up locally instead of ordering online.

bookshop zines

Search and Destroy

St. Mark's Market

Trash and Vaudeville

I like to grab a three dollar hummus sandwich and peruse the rock and roll boutiques.

I’m sure I missed out on the glory days in the 80’s, but the fact that the area feels
relatively untouched is what draws me there. ♥

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