Geocaching Adventure + Landscapes

On one of the last warm days of fall in New York, Matt and I went on a little geocaching adventure. This was the first time i’ve been in about 2 years! During one summer my friend Dani and I would spend whole days just going around local areas with a hiking GPS seeing how […]

tips & tricks

DIY: Red Hair Tips

I’ve been dyeing my hair different shades of red myself for a couple years now. Right now it’s more of a burgundy color, but my shade of choice has mostly been high maintenance bright, vibrant red. It took me awhile to get it right, and I wanted to share with my fellow red lovers! I […]

do it yourself

Too Short Dress Makeover

I bought this adorable used handmade dress on eBay. It was a bit long for my liking so I took the scissors to it. The dress has a circle skirt so it was challenging to hem & I ended up taking too much off leaving me with too short of a dress. The solution? Eyelet […]


A Night of Fast-paced Flat Track Roller Derby

I was so honored that I got to design the flyer for my team’s game this past weekend! This was our second to last home bout of the season against the lovely ladies of the Jerzey Derby Brigade. A closeup to see the details of the textures! I set out to create a poster that […]