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a movie about my life

one of three posters i made for a photography assignment–the goal of this one was to create a movie poster about our life using our photographs. I used a photo of my shoe stepping on some leaves, taken in a park. So basically i came up with a whole story attached to the poster…(the initial […]

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Threadbanger Etsy Team

So i’ve recently been accepted as a part of an awesome group of crafters/artists selling on Etsy…the Threadbanger Guild. I’m so happy to be part of a group with so many talented DIYers :] To find items made by members of the group, just search for “TBguild” in Etsy’s searchbar. If you don’t already know […]

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concert photography

i’ve been busy all week working on my first indepedent project for my digital photography class. i chose to mimic concert photography, as it’s something i’ve always loved. a preview:

everything else

threadless $5 tees

Threadless is having another $5 sale! I love purposely buying shirts big and then reconstructing them into something cute. Threadless shirts are awesome for DIY. this one’s on sale. my friends gave it to me for my birthday & it’s one of my all time favorites: for the graphic design geek in me.



So since one of my new years resolutions is to be more organized, I think it’s time I start using a planner. I’ve had a couple in the past…i would always start using it then stop after a week or two. I think it was because I would buy one I didn’t like, and get […]