After work on Friday, I spent the late afternoon at the local amusement park called Adventureland. It was a lot bigger than I remember it being as a kid!


Usually when I edit photos I end up desaturating them, but I wanted to try something different this time around: increased saturation.





The dinky kids lady bug roller coaster was my favorite.

Do you usually edit photos in the same style, or change it up often? Have you been to any amusement parks yet this summer?

Quick DIY: Desk Drawer Makeover

Once upon a time I made the mistake of lending my brother a set of drawers from Ikea that I wasn’t currently using. He used it when he moved off campus in college, and when he returned the furniture came back a little beat up. You can’t totally blame him though, Ikea stuff is cheap and not meant to be permanent.

I thought of ways to cover up the dings, but I felt that strategically placed stickers wouldn’t look too classy. I remembered I had some vintage contact paper i’d been saving and thought i’d be a perfect & easy solution.

All you have to do:
1. Take out one of your drawers and trace around the front of it on a large piece of paper or a couple paper bags taped together. Cut a little past the line (towards the inside) and you have a template.
2. Cut a piece of contact paper for each drawer using your template. Peel the backing off the paper and press onto the drawer surface starting at the middle (make sure the drawers are clean!) I wasn’t sure if it would stick too well since my contact paper was old, it did for awhile but started peeling back a bit so I used some spray adhesive to keep them in place. Worked like a charm.

Easy, cheap update. (I have to replace my leopard print chair now because it clashes!)

Welcome Home

Hey all! I thought i’d show a peek of my new place. I’m renting a house with a couple pals, including my boyfriend, 2 dogs, and a cat. In a perfect world i’d be living in a small city but i’m residing in a town that’s known for being the first suburb of America. After almost moving to Astoria, Queens I decided it would be better to keep things simple and stay closer to my family, work, practice, etc. on the island. I am a lot closer to the city than I was previously, though. [hello 50 minute train ride!] I am also pretty stoked about living across the street from an italian ice place.

Finally located a 50’s style kitchen table at a local antique shop. Cleaning this baby wasn’t easy but totally worth it.

That ‘home’ sign is mine that I picked up at Goodwill– It’s from graphic designer Dana Tanamachi’s art collection that was for sale at Target. Love it.

Getting used to living with some furry friends. This is Leeloo.

There are definitely a lot of quirks with our little house but there’s also some really neat things. Skylights & Brick = swoon.

NYC photo calendar from Whimsy & Spice. P.s: I’m totally not a fan of these bulletin board squares–they keep falling down!

My bedroom is the oddest but also probably the loveliest room in the house– i’ll be sharing a little tour of that soon once my workplace is more set up :]

Florida Barn Wedding

Wanted to pop in and share some photos I took at my cousin’s sweet barn wedding! When we arrived at the ranch we were taken on a tractor ride to one area of the large fields where the ceremony would take place.

It was downpouring all day, which just so happened to stop an hour or so before. The chairs were set up next to this gorgeous large tree–It reminded me of a weeping willow but the actual name escapes me!

I drank many spiked blueberry lemonades in mason jars, had too much fun watching everyone in the photo booth, played bean bag toss (poorly) and had a great time with my family.

An Unplugged Excursion

This weekend I got to take a quick trip to Alachua & Gainesville, Florida. I decided a couple days beforehand that I was going to take a big step and leave my laptop behind in New York for a few days. This may not seem like a big deal–but I’m the kind of person has my laptop attached to the hip, in case I need to work on something. I have always traveled with it anywhere i’ve been, even quick trips and I’m embarrassed to admit– once when I had a tight deadline, a weekend bachelorette party in case there was some down time! My family was even super surprised that I left my computer behind.

I’ve been feeling like I needed to unplug & clear my head so I thought it was the perfect time to ditch work/the internet and just bring along a few things. I brought with me my DSLR camera, dot grid sketchbook, a book, an extra lens, and my iPhone for secondary photo-taking. Along with a small suitcase for my clothes & toiletries. It was sweet to unplug and focus on photography, reading, sketching, and family time. My cousin’s wedding is what brought me to Florida; I’ll be sharing some photos soon!