Frankie and Albert // Vintage subscription box

I never really caught on to the subscription box train…until now. When I heard of Frankie and Albert I knew this was one I kind of needed to get. So I splurged a little and bought myself a curated box of vintage goodness.

Even though i’m a heavy thrifter I know it often takes a lot of time to find really high quality vintage items for your home. Alternatively, buying vintage from a store can be very expensive. Frankie and Albert seemed like the perfect treat & solution.

Everything came packaged gorgeously, including little pieces of paper with the name of each item. I stupidly read the items first before unwrapping them. Next time I will not spoil the surprise for myself! I got “China Clipper Photograph”, “Clear and Amber Champagne Glasses”, and “Brown & Gold Ceramic Leaf Bowl.”

Before ordering, you just fill out a couple questions so they can get an idea of your decor style. I have to say that my box was spot on — I honestly love each item and would have purchased them if I spotted them somewhere.

The photo fit in nicely on my dresser, and the leaf dish now lives in an empty space on the bottom of my plant stand. The champagne glasses are there for now, too.

I’m one of those people who tend to shy away from buying too much from IKEA/Target/etc to fill my space and instead hold out for things I make or naturally find. Because of this, I have a few spaces that look unfinished so it was super nice to be able skip the hunting and have pretty things that fit my personality.



This is not a sponsored post — I just wanted to share my good experience :)

2014 Highlights

I have in my head a couple concrete focuses for the new year — but first, I wanted to share some things that stuck out this past year.


Went on a roadtrip on my birthday to Pennsylvania… mostly for a film screening of a documentary on one of my favorite bands, the Descendents. Made lots of stops along the way!


In March I moved into the house I share with a couple of rad and super talented people.


Finally got the bike tires fixed on my vintage bike and spent a lot of hours on biking adventures. Next year there will be even more!


Roommate brunch feasts & walks to italian ice.


Got better at roller derby and even had a couple of MVP worthy games.


Spent the very tail end of the summer upstate at a lake house.


Had my one year anniversary at the web design agency where I work. Got to work on a bunch of cool projects. That’s the Mailchimp monkey for those who are unfamiliar.


Put more effort into my halloween costume than I had in a couple years. Went to 2 parties on the 1st. Can you guess who I was?


Took advantage of where I live and drove out to Brooklyn more. Awesome food, sweet shows, and craft fairs.


Had a mini family reunion Thanksgiving weekend and stayed out east at my parent’s house for a couple days.


Talked my mom into spending a day in Manhattan with me shopping. She had been talking about visiting the flagship Macy’s around Christmas for a couple years and never made time for it! We had a blast.


A very sweet kitty got a forever home– with me!

Wishing everyone a happy January :)

DIY Lace Collar Tee


I love cheap basic tees, but I always resist buying them because I know I won’t wear them unless they’re jazzed up somehow. So after specifically deciding to put lace around a shirt collar, I set out to buy a plain blank tee. I got this heather gray number at Target on clearance for only two dollars!


I purchased my lace collar on Etsy. You also need some strong fabric glue — I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion.


Place your lace collar around the tee, matching the ends to the center. I had to cut mine in half because my shirt’s neckline was lower than what it should be for a traditional peter pan collar, and couldn’t wrap all the way around the front & back. Sparingly place fabric glue under your lace. Lay flat to dry for at least a full day. I had a lot of open spaces in my lace so I had to re-glue a couple spots that didn’t bond the first time.


If you have to cut your lace in half as well, I recommend wrapping it around the back of the shirt as much as possible instead of cutting it at the shoulder seams. That way it lays flat.


Now I have a sweet basic shirt that doesn’t feel too basic. Next i’m thinking screenprinted graphic tees with lace collars for a little extra pizzaz.


Lake House & Pumpkin Picking

To round out the absolute tail end of summer here in New York I took a weekend trip to an upstate lake house and recently spent a day at a pumpkin patch out east.

I had a rad, relaxing time at the lake house. We had the pleasure of staying with Matt’s uncle, whose place was filled with lovely vintage treasures. I was elated. It was nice to be somewhere without cell service, which is always a needed reminder to take a freakin’ break every once in awhile. When I did have service briefly during our canoe ride, I posted this on Instagram.

These next photos at the pumpkin patch just happened to be taken on the last warm day of the year, ever since it’s been total scarf mode.

Now that we’ve just lost an hour of sunshine during the evening, i’m going to make a huge effort to switch my sleeping schedule so I’m in bed by 11 or midnight and get up at 6:30/7 the latest. That leaves me 2 hours of time to get ready for the day, get some stuff done & enjoy the sunshine before work. Time to ditch my night-owl ways, i’ll keep you updated. Here’s hoping!

Switching up the routine: 5 Life Streamlining Apps

When i’m in a rut both creatively and productively I like to change things up, like a lot of people. One of the ways I do that is by revisiting my daily routine and the tools I use and figure out how to shake it up. These are some of the apps I use daily to make life a little easier. Let me know your must-haves– i’d love to hear!

Sunrise Calendar

I’ve been using Sunrise for about a year now on my phone and it’s fantastic. Really beautifully designed app for Google Calendar. It also allows you to sync with Facebook to show events you have on there, along with connecting to various other accounts as well so everything is in one place. I’m personally really bad at remembering to reply to anything in Facebook so this has really helped!

Simple Banking

Simple is another beautifully designed app, this one is an online bank. I dig that it gives you the option to have mobile notifications as soon as you buy something. I was previously using a website to manage my finances, but I was looking for something more user-friendly that was also on my iphone. Simple solves that problem, automatically putting purchases in categories so you can easily manage your budget. Also, their white debit card is a total conversation starter!


I switched from using the Gmail app on my phone to Mailbox. The coolest part of this app aside from the swipe gestures, is the ability to ‘boomerang’ emails of your choosing back to you at a later date. This has really changed my workflow. I find that when I can snooze emails I don’t want at the moment it’s not ‘putting it off’ like you would think– Instead I can focus on clearing out my inbox without getting overloaded.


I just started using Flux a couple weeks ago and my eyes are very thankful! It adjusts your screen depending on the time of the day– the colors are displayed warmer after the sun goes down to match indoor lighting. As someone who spends most of their weekday in front of screens I can already notice a difference.


Clipmenu is a clipboard manager (just for the Mac OS, but there are similar apps out there) that allows you to access your clipboard history by a keyboard shortcut. It’s awesome that you can also save snippets of things you find yourself copying & pasting a ton.