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Hello internet! I let my domain name expire awhile back and let this space go along with it. Recently though, I had the urge and inspiration to start blogging again. I know blogging isn’t the same as it was – a couple years ago when there was a big ‘boom’. Is blogging dying? Should I […]


The Sunshine Experiment & Autumn

Taking advantage of the fact that it’s technically winter here in New York but still feels like Autumn. A preserve out east I took a walk around with my dad and uncle. I didn’t notice this until recently that I’m a huge fan of changing up my routine based on the seasons. In autumn/winter that […]


An Update

Hey Everyone! Wanted to pop in and say that I’m not abandoning this blog. Spring came and I found myself taking an accidental break from blogging. I was feeling a bit unmotivated & overwhelmed and felt it would be better to take some time away from this space instead of putting half-assed stuff out there. […]


Unrecognizable Sticky notes

Ever scribble something down on a piece of paper in an attempt to get it out of your head as quickly as possible so you don’t forget it, without any context attached to it? Yep, I do that all the time. While cleaning out my desk drawers I found a bunch of said sticky notes […]


Frankie and Albert // Vintage subscription box

I never really caught on to the subscription box train…until now. When I heard of Frankie and Albert I knew this was one I kind of needed to get. So I splurged a little and bought myself a curated box of vintage goodness. Even though i’m a heavy thrifter I know it often takes a […]