Lately: Vegan Friendsgiving & Handmade Love


Hope everyone had a rad post holiday weekend! I spent late Wednesday through Saturday with my family in Pennsylvania, and Sunday was spent having a second Thanksgiving–this one friends style and completely vegan. I was overwhelmed by being able to eat everything on the table, but more importantly overwhelmed in the best possible way that I have some really great friends.

Some of the totally packed table! After dinner we played some games, chatted about roller derby & weird TV shows, and received some solid advice that being in your 20s is basically supposed to be a hot mess that you’re trying your best to figure out. Loved it.

My cousin Keri made all of the women in our family this sweet chalkboard made out of a dish. How adorable, right? I hung it up as soon as I got home. The first thing I thought to write was a phrase that’s been in my head lately. Trying to remember to do everything with intention. Really know what you want & slow down; be sure of yourself. Be deliberate.

I celebrated Small Business Saturday with my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt by walking around a few local shops in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. We spent a bunch of time in this cute little country store–totally more of my mother’s style than mine but I liked it! I bought a handmade pottery piece that I kind of had to have. As a fairly new recognized shopping holiday I hope to see Small Business Saturday get bigger & bigger and for more people to be aware of it. Black Friday has always annoyed me so I love that there’s an alternative!

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  • MARTIN says:

    I love the phrase “Be Deliberate”, I like it a lot. Also, I wish I was one of your friends at that vegan meal. Sounds amazing! I have no other vegetarian/vegan friends. :(

    • Amie says:

      When I first went vegan I had zero veg friends! If you’re ever in New York I’d love to have you at a potluck or just get together for veg dinner :)

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