Lately: Planning, Netflix, Bridesmaid, & the Bandwagon


[ brainstorming ]

Doing a ton of this lately. Reading library books on organization + time management, writing lists + timelines, and planning my next moves.

Been collecting cute blank tees for the Etsy shop. Also, as you can see i’m in the process of organizing my craft area. Looking forward to screen printing again!

Watching a lot of Sherlock on Netflix & loving the decor along the way. One more episode to go!

Last weekend was a bridal shower with some of my oldest, longest friends for the bride-to-be Melissa. My first time being in a bridal party. I designed the invitations back in April featuring the future wedding colors :)

After much debate [aka a lengthly pros & cons list] I FINALLY got myself a shiny iPhone. Better late than never, right? I was afraid it would be way too much of a distraction, but it’s actually having the opposite effect and I feel so much more organized and healthfully connected. Huzzah!

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