handmade cards & gift wrapping

holiday cards

This year I designed my own simple holiday cards..I wanted to share :) These I made for my brother and parents. I wanted my brother’s to say ‘Happy Christmas’ because of this song by John Lennon we play on guitar together every year. He and my dad gave me a good idea for next years card based on the song, too!


I was set on wrapping my gifts differently this year, and I really wanted to use brown wrapping paper after seeing so many pretty wrapped gifts on the internet. Plus, last year I used newspaper & I thought i’d do something a bit more classy ;) I used two different stamps, and made a couple pompoms. I really wanted to use green yarn but I used what I had–black & green/yellow/red/orange.

handmade gift wrapping

I also made and printed my gift tags..my mom loved them!

handmade gift wrapping

Another thing I included on the gifts were a couple marble magnets I whipped up. I put them in a tiny baggie, folded & stapled some cardstock over the top, and punched a hole through all the layers. I really like how it turned out!

How did you wrap your gifts this year? Did you do something different? ♥

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  • Jena Roach says:

    My in-laws always wrap their presents in an interesting way. Some of them were designed as dice this year… others as bars of gold. It was pretty fun! :) Makes it hard to guess what the gifts are, too! :)

  • chantilly says:

    i’ve been noticing a lot of british blogger saying “happy christmas” rather than “merry christmas,” which is kind of weird for some reason…

    in any case, i love the way you’ve wrapped your presents :) xx

  • abby says:

    These are done well. I’ve got some ideas now for future gifts! They’re so cute :) I love how simple they are the card is my favorite!

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