Get Real: The Effects of Procrastination + Sticking to Your Values


Let me tell you a little story. Two weekends ago I had the honor of being in a wedding of two dear friends, but let me rewind just a little bit more.

So we have a bridesmaid dress, a dress that was way too long for me. They have to make the dress on the long side so it’s not too short for tall people, I understand. I get it. So, I had to get it hemmed. I immediately decided that I wanted to hem it myself because hey, I sew sometimes. Also, saving some $$ was a good bonus. I should have hemmed it a couple weeks before the wedding, but did I do that? Of course not. I kept telling myself I had more than enough time, which is typically how procrastination works its magic. Skip ahead to just a week before the wedding–I figured at this point I was cutting it pretty close and I’d better get this done ASAP. I had planned to hem the dress or at least start the process by pinning it by Sunday before the workweek started.

Sunday night came and went and I didn’t get around to doing anything with the dress. I knew I would have a lot less time to do it during the week. I’ll make it happen! I thought. Monday after work I went out on a movie date with the boy and I had this nagging feeling the whole time about going home to do the dress. But, I procrastinated. Tuesday was roller derby, leaving just Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is the wedding rehearsal dinner and Saturday is the actual wedding. Why is it 5 days before the wedding & I still haven’t hemmed it?!

Wednesday night rolls around. I can’t tell you what happened other than I was probably doing design work. I still have time for the dress! I probably thought. Not only was I failing to work on the dress, but I wasn’t being as productive as I could with other things because I felt guilty about not working on the dress. Thursday night I had to get my hair done for the wedding, and Friday night after the rehearsal dinner was filled with a killer migraine. Oh boy, of course. It’s the night before the wedding and I have a migraine for the first time in months (I used to get them very frequently) Basically, around 11pm I got the dress half done, over the course of laying down in pain, chinese food, coffee, stressing out, and a bit of whining and tears. Doing this last minute took so much of my energy. At the time, the dress was the death of me, sucking everything out of me.

Would it have been easier to just pay someone to hem the dress? Very much so. Would I have felt comfortable with that decision? Not really. I wouldn’t have felt right having someone else do something I could do myself. I had never hemmed a fancy dress before, but I was up for the challenge. If there’s an option to learn and do something myself i’m going to do it, or at least try. It would have left a bad taste in my mouth if I pushed aside my do-it-yourself values to save time. I had to stick to my guns. Because, when you do that you get that much closer to who you ultimately want to be.

It was totally, 100% my fault that I ended up working on the dress last minute. I think I was ultimately afraid of screwing up such a nice dress, and I kept putting other responsibilities first thinking that I had more than enough time to get it done. Realistically, this should have been higher up on my list. I should have also broke up the job into smaller parts so it seemed less daunting.

Even after all of the frustration and embarrassing procrastination, I’d rather do something the hard way knowing that I did it the right way for me. That’s what i’ve learned from my first ever bridesmaid dress.

‘Get Real’ is a monthly-ish series on Completely Unfinished featuring honest ‘real talk’ & more personal posts.

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