Get Real: On Being Multi-passionate


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what specifically to put my energy into, and thinking of possibly narrowing my focus on less things. I named my blog Completely Unfinished because like most creatives, i’m constantly working on various projects and have many hobbies that I split my time between. I’ve been pondering narrowing my focus on the blog as well. I’ve thrown around the idea of turning it into a solely design blog. I’ve thought about making it about just design + diy–neither of these seemed fitting, but I do worry that i’m turning people away by being too broad and not narrowing into a singular niche. There’s tons of articles and blog posts out there talking about how important having a niche is and I feel like they’re screaming “If you don’t have a specific focus, you won’t get anyone’s attention! No one will understand you!”

I had a small epiphany last night when I was catching up reading blog posts; This series of interviews on One Woman Shop made me do a double take. ‘Multi-passionate.’ That’s me. I don’t know why it hadn’t hit me before; i’ve spent a lot of time in the past struggling with being a jill-of-all-trades and lacking confidence due to not having one specific thing i’m great at. I do love my career, I know that much. I know a lot of multi-passionate people try many different career paths. At the same time though, within my career I have more than one specialization i’m versed in. I do general graphic design along with web design, and also website development. In the last year or so i’ve put my design career above many other things so I would be able to improve in each area. I’m also finding myself increasingly interested in hand-lettering. Often I dream about owning a joint vegan cafe/store and doing freelance design work on the side–I dream of this even though I don’t have any background or training in culinary arts.

It makes sense, looking back on how I was when I was a bit younger. In middle school and high school, I played three instruments in the school’s band. I alternated between flute and piccolo; then switched to the saxophone because I grew bored & wanted a new challenge. After that I used to play guitar in bands, then quit when I found myself craving more time to design. My family often asks me why I don’t play guitar anymore, and I always explain to them that I’m focusing on other things. I miss music being a prominent part of my life sometimes but I know I can always go back to it. When the time is right I can pick it up again. Now in roller derby where there are 3 positions to play, I grab the jammer star and also play as a blocker. It is possible to be a lot more than just ‘a little bit good’ at multiple things you just need to put the time in.

Reading about multi-passionate successful people makes me feel like it is not a negative thing that I have many hobbies and interests, it’s actually a good thing & it’s how I am meant to be. It’s what I need to be truly fulfilled. I’ve always been passionate first and foremost, time to really embrace it.

Also, screw the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’ ♥

‘Get Real’ is a monthly-ish series on Completely Unfinished featuring honest ‘real talk’ & more personal posts.

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  • TJ says:

    Great post. I gave to agree with what you mentioned about being a multi passionate. I also share an interest in music too + many other things. Gotta love it though!

  • Ahh so excited that the Multipassionate Muse series gave you such a great epiphany. It’s so nice when there’s a word/concept to describe how you’ve always felt :)

    Also: 1) You should share your story on One Woman Shop, 2) I call myself a Jill of All Trades too, and 3) Yeah, screw that phrase haha!

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