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Those lists that I see on the internet of ‘Best cities for designers’ almost always mentions the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut. This has always really puzzled me because i’ve been through parts of Bridgeport many times and have never gotten that vibe in the slightest. When I used to go to college in CT the Bridgeport ferry provided me with a quick trip to and from my home of Long Island. The drive through downtown to get to the ferry is definitely not the nicest looking…a lot of it is run down and underdeveloped. I had to be missing something.

So after accidentally learning that one of my favorite pizza chains happened to have a location in Bridgeport (Two Boots!) I mentioned to the boy while in the nutmeg state last weekend that we should check out some of the rest of the city–besides the south end near the ferry. If there’s a Two Boots there’s gotta be other neat things!

While walking around, I was super excited to see an installment of “Before I die” by artist Candy Chang. She uses public space in amazing ways to make cities better. Design that changes things at it’s finest. Makes me happy…which I believe was one of her goals :)

Unfortunately there was no chalk around!

I found that Bridgeport may not currently have the gritty charm of Brooklyn or Asbury park but it’s definitely worthy of exploration. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There’s a large part of the city that we missed, including a feminist bookstore/cafe that we’ll have to check out next time.

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