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Taken in Boston this past weekend

I’m not sure that i’ll ever be one of those bloggers who feature a weekly collection of links they love. I really admire people who blog almost every day–if you haven’t noticed already i’m not a huge fan of sticking to a schedule. I’m inspired more by just the opposite I think!

However, I have found a bunch of things on the internet this week that I love and couldn’t help but share :]

» The Happy Monday podcasts are just awesome.
» Danasia launched a new website on Monday!
» Made in NYC is a neat collection of internet companies based in NY– great if you’re on the job hunt.
» Heather totally summed up how i’ve been feeling lately about my living situation, & added a positive spin to it. [via Sillygrrl]
» My good friend Brian designs rad educational iPhone apps, now there’s a full website for them. Slate & Tablets (love how the bottom says ‘call us maybe’)
» Still swooning over Daily Dishonesty.
» You should probably be listening to Laura Stevenson’s latest EP. Her voice never fails to send chills down my spine. Stream it on Bust.com!
» Kathleen of Braid Creative talks about the importance of narrowing in on your niche

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  • Aubrey says:

    Just stunning, that photo is. When I was in the Air Force I was stationed in Boston and I totally missed out on that beautiful graffiti.

    Thank you for the links and I feel the very same way. Sometimes I post a lot, sometimes I don’t. Heck, I left my blog altogether at one point. I find that what feels good and when I have that urge to write and share is when I do it. Otherwise, I don’t do forced.

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