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Make Your Own External Hard Drive


Recently my portable external hard drive kicked the bucket. Like anyone would, I immediately felt panic by not having any backup of my things besides some important files I had in Dropbox. So, I needed to buy a new one pretty quickly. I remembered my brother showing me that hard drive enclosures exist (big props […]

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DIY: Red Hair Tips

I’ve been dyeing my hair different shades of red myself for a couple years now. Right now it’s more of a burgundy color, but my shade of choice has mostly been high maintenance bright, vibrant red. It took me awhile to get it right, and I wanted to share with my fellow red lovers! I […]

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8 Websites for Graphic & Web Design Inspiration

Okay, okay, this is a photo of books– but this list is about places to find graphic & web design inspiration around the web. I left out some popular ones like Pinterest, Behance & Designspiration. Don’t forget to avoid overloading yourself with inspiration on the internet and enjoy frequent real-life sunshine and visuals. Scoring […]

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Five Things to Pay For on the Internet

It might seem strange at first to pay for something that’s used only online–Makes me think of those video games where you pay real money for things in the gameplay world. This is a list of five things that I found to be definitely worth shelling out your hard earned money for that doesn’t leave […]