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do it yourself

Heart in your hand hobo gloves

Excuse the very boring photo! I was on a mini crafting rampage & made these. I’m kind of obsessed with ‘hobo’ gloves, so I had to. Adorkable, am i right? I stumbled across the idea/tutorial from Under Those Neon Lights!

do it yourself

skirt fail

I decided that I need more cute skirts in my life. So, I got totally inspired by this picture/outfit from Lookbook (sorry i didn’t save the original link!) and i tried to make a similar skirt, making up my own pattern. and….. FAIL. It came out WAYYY too poofy. haha. Back to the drawing board […]

do it yourself

minor threat hoodie

“i’m a person just like you, but i’ve got better things to do…” i finally had time to sew something…hooray for winter vacation! and hooray for badass punk band hoodies. this started as a hooded vest i made when i first started sewing…i found that i wasn’t wearing it so i added sleeves, redid the […]