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Coney Island at Night + Gotham Roller Derby


Last Saturday New York City’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby was having a triple header, so we headed out to Coney Island to watch & hang out with some of my league mates/friends. The main event was Brooklyn vs. Bronx, but first up was the Gotham Juniors vs a junior league from Ohio (all 8-17 years […]


Weekend love: tandem, exploring, & playing photographer


My parents have a tandem bike in their garage, that’s been sadly hanging from the ceiling unused for years! My superhero of a boyfriend managed to somehow get it down. We took a little stroll down the back streets in fear of riding on the main road, heh. Needs a few adjustments, but other than […]


Texas Adventures

Remnants of SXSW A couple shots from my first visit to The Lone Star State from two weeks ago! It was really nice to have a break from New York/the east coast…especially since the state of Texas is pretty much the opposite. (Or at least it seemed that way to me!) East Austin reminded me […]


Vacation week

Hello from Texas! Been taking some time off in San Antonio since Wednesday. Today we’re headed to Austin (i’ve been totally itching to visit for the first time) Don’t worry though, we’re not going to SXSW so you don’t have to be jealous :) We came to visit Matt’s family and just adventure around. I’ll […]


St. Mark’s Place

My favorite area in all of Manhattan–The East Village & more specifically the street St. Mark’s Place. The lovely little homey counter-culture hub. I feel very lucky that I happen to work just a short walking distance away. St. Mark’s is absent of a lot of things you think of when commercial Manhattan comes to […]