Best thrift find ever & more


Now that it’s winter I finally got to use my best thrift find ever..

dun dun dun…

thrifted snowboard boots

…$5 Vans snowboard boots!

I was so, so excited to find these last summer. Anyone who skis/snowboards knows just how pricey boots & equipment are. I was expecting them to be at least $20–when the woman told me the price of $5 I thought it was for each boot. Nope, $5 for the pair. Perks of small little independent thrift shops: awesome friendly people, really good prices. The boots are a bit on the older side in terms of the way they’re made, but the fit is perfect and they have very little wear. My thrifted boots got my newbie snowboarding self down the slopes successfully. Score!

thrifted snowboard boots

Also, a couple recent finds:

that's how I roll

Interesting thick fabric, vintage plaid shirt, Scooby Doo t-shirt [squee!], and baseball sleeve shirt I started to cut up.

What’s your all time best thrift find? ♥

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