An Unplugged Excursion


This weekend I got to take a quick trip to Alachua & Gainesville, Florida. I decided a couple days beforehand that I was going to take a big step and leave my laptop behind in New York for a few days. This may not seem like a big deal–but I’m the kind of person has my laptop attached to the hip, in case I need to work on something. I have always traveled with it anywhere i’ve been, even quick trips and I’m embarrassed to admit– once when I had a tight deadline, a weekend bachelorette party in case there was some down time! My family was even super surprised that I left my computer behind.

I’ve been feeling like I needed to unplug & clear my head so I thought it was the perfect time to ditch work/the internet and just bring along a few things. I brought with me my DSLR camera, dot grid sketchbook, a book, an extra lens, and my iPhone for secondary photo-taking. Along with a small suitcase for my clothes & toiletries. It was sweet to unplug and focus on photography, reading, sketching, and family time. My cousin’s wedding is what brought me to Florida; I’ll be sharing some photos soon!

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